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 Expressive Arts in Focusing and Focusing Oriented Therapy 

Focusing based Art Therapy and Art Fascilitation


Art Studio of The FOCUSZ Center

Project on Covid Self Care

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SAFE is a journaling practice crossing Cosmic Smatch Booking® and Focusing. Get your free SAFE guide and start your journey as a SAFE practitioner!

Focusing and the Arts



For your own wellbeing

For to learn and grow

For to build resilience

For Focusers

For Artists

For Healing Professionals 

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Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts  FOAT®

Sensorimotor Expressive Arts Therapy® | Guided Drawing®

Experiential Collaging | Photoart 

Receptive Art Therapy

Bauhaus Art Pedagogy 


The main ressource comes from within

There is a part in everyone that is artist and healer 

Inviting this  part implies

allowing the body to breath 

turning attention inside

inviting whatever comes

being accepting & nonjudgmental

asking and receiving

resonating with the body sense

giving permission to express 


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