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Focusing centered Art Therapy

Expressive Arts in Focusing Therapy and Training 

Focusing Community Art

FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio

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Allow your body to release - exercise min 0:49 - 5:46

Learn about Embodied Aesthetics -  exercise min 30:27 - 42:26

Focusing and the Arts



For your own wellbeing

For to learn and grow

For to build resilience

For Focusers

For Artists

For Healing Professionals 



Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts  FOAT®

Sensorimotor Expressive Arts Therapy® | Guided Drawing®

Experiential Collaging | Photoart 

Receptive Art Therapy

Bauhaus Art Pedagogy & Sensual Design


The main ressource comes from within

There is a part in everyone that is artist and healer

Inviting this  part implies:

Allowing the body to breath 

Turning attention inside

Inviting whatever comes

Being accepting & nonjudgmental

Asking and receiving

Resonating with the body sense

Giving permission to express 

Want to improve your sense of selfregulation ?

Reach out for new options in life?  

Need ressources for empowering action? 

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Smash 'n Focus! - Finding stress release and wellbeing with the SAFE* activity guide

*SAFE Smash Arts Focusing Expressions 

SAFE is a creative art practice crossing Cosmic Smatch Booking® and Felt Art Journaling

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ease of emotion 

and alignment with 

your inner sense 

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